Streaming into a new age


From the phonautographs to the EP music has continuously progressed in its method of delivery. As these options have cycled through the classes, one question has fueled the ever-changing world of music distribution, “What’s next?” A popular issue that haunts this business forever and always is distribution. Though there are many different sides to owning and operating a business that is responsible for giving recorded music to the public, technology advancement has provided so many of different methods to receiving, owning and listening to music. However, there are methods that becoming less and less used. CD’s are becoming less if at all purchased. CNN money has statistic that since 1999 CD sales have been cut in half. Many companies now have streaming capabilities, downloading, ect.

Since the Internet has surfaced and the connectivity of the world has become so available, the music industry has taken a downfall due to illegal downloads and easier access to the music that people love. Now, in order to tip the scale back into balance businesses have looked to streaming as a new way to earn. Because less people are downloading or even buying CD’s, labels and music companies have had to shift their revenue stream away from units and into the world of programming code and looking to advertising and membership fees.

Although, music is a worldwide industry each part of the world has it’s own preference with the changes. Though “Music Industry Blog” I have come to realize that markets like the US, Germany, Japan and even the UK, some of the largest music markets, are cover more that two thirds of digital revenue. But, some of the other larger markets prefer other methods of music distribution. Because of these preferences industry leaders have been trying to catch the masses eye by putting out these early release tracks. Solely trying to draw in more buyers to download. For more information of this visit this hyperlink:


However, in order to remain up with the times companies like Apple are starting to play on both sides of the fence. Just recently Apple announced “itunes radio” there new streaming method uses all of the music in the itunes store and its patented software genius to deliver more of the music we love and introduce new options we might be interested in.

It seems that we are a cross roads and distribution could go either way. So, What’s next? Well, due to the many preferences of music listeners there are untold possibilities of how you, your friend, your family will buy music. I personally still buy vinyl. It is difficult to locate new music that has a distributor that has a press but when I choose to listen to music it’s been more from streaming. Buying music can add up and I don’t have a lot of money to spent on it even if I really want to.

I’m interested to know your thoughts lie in this topic. Please leave me a comment in agreement or something I might have miss.


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